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LabFreez Instruments Group as a professional manufacturer & supplier in China, we are committed to provides quality, user friendly and cost-effective products to our partner in all over the world. Our products mainly included laboratory scientific instruments and industry equipment like laboratory ULT Freezer, deep freezer, lab/medical refrigerators, freeze dryer(lyophilizer) in lab, pilot and process scale, flake ice makers,  ice cube maker, circulating chillers pump, environmental simulation testing chamber, rotary evaporators, glass reactor, spray dryer, dry oven, incubator, homogenizer and etc., . Our company has acquired certificates of ISO9001 13485 14001, CE, GMP and it products have been welcomed all over the world such as U.S., EU, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, India and etc. Our products, with high performance-price ratio and our fast response service team have earned approval and praise both from the domestic and international markets.
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